Just send in the person's E-mail adress on the comments, and wait 24 hours, or less! Make sure you include your name. I will call you by your name to tell you that it is ready. You do not have to put YOUR email adress, but the persons email adress to the acount that you would like to be hacked. And I'll tell you his/her password. Check this site every 24 hours and I will post "(your name) the acount is ready!" And the only reason you'd want to do this, is so you can advertise your websites! And to get a little revenge on who stole your coockie at lunch=)Put the E-mail adress on the COMMENTS bar not the E-MAIL bar. If your "friends" site is not hacked, it is because you put his/her e-mail in the e-mail bar. please put it in the comments bar!! We are sorry for any late hacking, we are normally down during the summer...!


                                   To Hack A Site....